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Why you don't need to pay for Image Optimization on WordPress

Let's talk about image optimization for WordPress, or more specifically – image compression.

While there are many ways to optimize your images, I want to give you one important but very quick tip.

The reason why I bring this up is because many people ask us to add an image compression plugin to our offered products. While this would be financially interesting for us, it is not what we want to stand for.

People like you come to us because you want to save money on WordPress plugins and themes and that’s where we continue. Wesharewp stands for giving you access to the best and most powerful WordPress tools for a small buck.

So, what is the point?

DON’T use any paid image compression plugin.

The reason is simple, it is not necessary to purchase a paid tool, because the free options are good enough and that is also why we don’t offer any plugin for it.

That being said, which free tool should you be using?

From our tests and experience it is: Compress JPEG & PNG from TinyPNG or

Of course, there are many other plugins who may do the same job, and feel free to pick another one, but those are the ones that our agencies trust in for years and where we saw the best results.

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