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10 Best Email Marketing & Automation Tools for your Business

First of all: email marketing is not dead, it will never die, and if you're not currently using it for your business and website, then you are effectively leaving money on the street.


You want to grow your business — and need email marketing software that’s easy to use, affordable, and has features to turn your leads into customers — right?


It sounds simple enough, but with an overwhelming 450+ email marketing tools to choose from, in a rapidly-changing market, and with every email marketing company’s website saying the same thing, it’s anything but.


This is why we created this guide; the only comparison of email marketing software that’s objective, regularly updated and based on a comprehensive amount of surveys, experience, and data — lots of data.


Email Marketing Software Comparison Dataset

The following top 10 list is the result of hundreds of hours of research, that I hope will assist you in choosing the perfect email marketing software for you.


The 10 Best Email Marketing Software

  1. ActiveCampaign – best for small businesses & enterprise
  2. Moosend – best for small agencies & non-profits
  3. Hubspot – best for B2B service companies
  4. Omnisend – best for eCommerce
  5. Rejoiner – best for managed email marketing
  6. ConvertKit – best for bloggers
  7. SendinBlue – best for transactional emails
  8. Autopilot – best for marketing automation
  9. MailerLite – best for personal projects
  10. EmailOctopus – best for developers (uses AWS)


Check out the full article if you would like to see why these software tools do best in their category.


What we cover

We’ve outlined a candid review of each tool’s pros and cons, broke down the factors that define great email marketing software, with a head-to-head comparison of all ten email marketing tools across nine factors that matter the most; from affordability and ease of use to integrations and deliverability.



I am aware that most of our readers are just starting out, are still low on budget, or are building a website for a client and that's okay.

Here is the thing.

By far the best tool for small and large businesses is Activecampaign. There is no doubt about it. If you already have $9 per month to spare as a starter, don't think twice and get started. This tool will never let you down even if your business grows in the future.


If you don't care what actions your visitors take on your website to match automations, don't need advanced features and you just want to send out nice looking campaigns and newsletters for cheap, then use MailerLite (completely free for up to 1.000 subscribers and always the cheapest for simple campaigns and automations).


I hope this helps you to choose your first email marketing software or to switch to a better tool for your business.


Read the full article here if you need more information ->

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