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4 Plugins to Create ANY Website with WordPress

Maybe you already know that you should always limit the number of your plugins on your website to the absolute minimum.


That’s because we want to keep your website fast and secure.


But on the other hand, you also need plugins to design and optimize your website.


Here is what you should do

Before creating a website, always make sure that you know what kind of features you will need and then make an optimal choice for your plugins.

Our clients ask us all the time about which plugins they should be using for their project.

And honestly, that’s hard to tell if we know nothing about the company, their needs, their industry, and intentions for their website. There was never such thing as the “perfect plugin structure”.

But that didn't satisfy us.

We wanted to find an answer to this question… and we did.

What did we do? We evaluated 1638 pages of our global projects, measured their performance, functions, UX, and visibility to find a combination of plugins that allows everyone to create 99% of all websites out there.

Right, these plugins alone will allow you to recreate 99% of all websites that you see on the web while being perfectly optimized for performance and search.


4 Plugins to do it ALL

  1. Astra Pro, Kadence Pro, or Blocksy Pro
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. Rank Math Pro
  4. WP Rocket


With these plugins, you can not only rebuild any website but also be perfectly optimized for search engines and speed.


While this set normally costs $206 per year if you buy it straight from the developers, you can get it from wesharewp for just... find out here.

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