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12 Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Website

I hope you can agree with me on this: The website speed makes the first impression about your business.

It’s essential to understand that you won’t get a second chance when it comes to the user experience. Low website speed is one of the most frustrating things that will turn people off about your content.

Several studies have shown that each additional second your website takes to load is a neck breaker for your usability, conversions, and overall visibility in search engines.

And to make your site shine we have compressed the most effective ways to speed up your site in this short and concise list.


12 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

  • 1. Move to a faster webhost
  • 2. Use a CDN
  • 3. Compress your images
  • 4. Use Gzip or Brotli compression
  • 5. Use website caching
  • 6. Reduce the number of plugins
  • 7. Minimize JavaScript and CSS files
  • 8. Database optimization in WordPress
  • 9. Reduce the use of webfonts
  • 10. Detect 404 errors
  • 11. Reduce redirects
  • 12. Use prefetching techniques (advanced)


    How to implement these steps

    1. Move to a faster webhost

    If you are not yet using cloud hosting, it’s time for it.

    There is no doubt that cloud hosting is going to be the future of hosting and not only has it become very cheap ($10 per month + $1 per email address) but also, the best shared hoster so far (Siteground) has become more expensive ($6.99 per month for an equivalent plan), making it a good time to switch.

    So, for $3 per month more you are getting better security, speed, and uptime – please don’t tell me that is not worth it.

    Cloudways has absolutely nailed it but to be fair we have to say that their support could be better. An alternative that is even better and that offers incredible support - is Kinsta. The drawback: Prices start at $30 per month which makes it only the second place. But we should also mention that Kinsta runs on Google Cloud and has even higher security measures than Cloudways, so it makes sense that they are more expensive.

    The great news: Cloudways and Kinsta transfer your website for free!

    Now off to the next topic.


    2. Use a CDN

    Simply go to Cloudflare, sign up and go through the process, it’s completely free and a huge upgrade for your site.


    3. Image compression

    Simply pick one from these two plugins: Compress JPEG & PNG or and install it.


    4-8. All in one!

    Alright, this one is big.

    The next 5 points you can all solve in one go by simply having WP Rocket on your site.

    Yes, it does all that, but unfortunately for 49 USD per year. But if you know us by now you know that we offer a spot in our collective license for way less than that per year. We have tested dozens of similar tools but WP Rocket always came across as the winner, especially because it does it all.

    This brings us to the next point - reducing the number of plugins.

    Each plugin means additional resources on your website, which effectively slows your site down. Regularly checking which ones you need and which ones not is absolutely key to keep your site fast.

    That’s also a reason to go for WP Rocket. Instead of having 5 plugins for the tasks - WP Rocket does it all together making you save resources.


    9. Webfonts

    To make it short:

    • Use modern formats WOFF2 for modern browsers;
    • Include only those character sets that are used on the site;
    • Choose only the needed styles


    10. Detect 404 errors

    Don’t use another plugin here, go to your Google Search ConsoleAhrefs Webmaster Tools, or SEMrush and let your site get scanned to find 404 errors. If what you find are dead links, remove them. If they still get traffic, make sure to replace them with a redirection or a link to another website.


    11. Reduce redirects

    While they can be helpful, make sure to keep the number of redirects low. Check that your redirects serve a purpose and none of them build a chain (redirects linking to a redirect which then links to the last source) or loop (redirects that redirect to each other). Ahrefs and SEMrush can also help you with that.


    12. Prefetching Techniques

    Sorry for bringing it up, this one is actually very technical and advanced. If you are a skilled developer you can look into this topic separately or get back to it once your traffic is above 10k per month.


    These recommendations can really make a huge difference for your website performance and set you apart from the competition!


    Start implementing them one by one and you will see the massive impact on your loading times.

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